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Time Suck of the week! 

Duke University Libraries has an online archive with thousands of vintage teevee ads produced by ad agency Benton & Bowles in the 1950's-1980's. The search function is retarded and the iTunes interface is a bit clunky, but prepare to waste a lot of time scratching your childhood nostalgia itch. (I got 8 of 10 correct on the Ad Knowledge quiz!)

Here are suggestive screen grabs from three of the ads. Can you identify the products? (Yes, one of them is G.I. Joe, but can you identify the specific brand of G.I. Joe? And no, it's not Castro Street Clone Joe…)

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Found at cartoonbrew.com

Tokyo Sun Ha! Ha! Funny Pages

From Kanomi-san, my new favorite online comics site:

USA newspaper comics for Japanese audience to learn English and American cultures. It's fine stuff for you online brought to you by great Tokyo Sun newspaper company, a division of the Pikajuna Pachinko and Cigarette Vending Machine Company

So far, in addition to Nature Punchman, GO!, it has featured Pruggers, and Sinister Overalls Boy. I'm really, really looking forward to Why They Not Married? Apartment and Oni-Man in Purple Wetsuit.